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WiFi Camera 
Mini Camera 
Watch Camera 
Clock Camera 
Pen Camera 
Sport Camera 
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Car Camera 
Hunting Camera 
Tool Camera 
Listening Device 
Camera Detector 
Signal Jammer 
Voice Recorder 
GPS Tracker 
* This detector will detect hidden cameras, audio bugs, transmitting or live cell phones, WIFI or any other wireless transmitter operating in the 0MHz to 6GHz range.
* Vibration detecting Mode: When the switch buttom is put to the up position it will be in Vibration detecting mode. 
* Silent detecting Mode: Plug an earphone into the earphone jack and you are in silent detecting mode.

* Various effective measures for counter investigation
* Additional application with earphone ensures a covert detection.
* Suspected objects can be traced out by rating signal LED lights flash gradually.
* Adjustable sensitivity for detection.
* Built-in rechargeable Li-battery


* Able to detect wireless or wired pinhole CCD and CMOS Lens, mobile phone lens included
* Built-in the supper bright red indicators
* Small and exquisite, less than half of the size of cigar-boxes
* 5 flashing frequencies to select
* Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery to work continuously for 5 hours
* Built-in fast charger circuit

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