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* Call back interval setting
* Voice-activate mode setting
* Revoking voice-activate mode
* Electric power quantity inquiry
* Frequency: Support GSM900/1800MHZ, or 850/1900MZH
* Embed four condense microphone
* 24 hour non-stop power supply


This GSM Bug is a small GSM listening device that can be discreetly activated to monitor room or phone conversations. A GSM bug is able to be 'dialed into' by remote. That means you can activate GSM bug by calling them up using a dial up phone. GSM listening device, therefore, is operable anywhere you have access to a phone. GSM bug can work as a GSM room bug in order to monitor room conversation. They can also be used for audio bugging in a vehicle such as a car, truck, boat, etc.

This product uses military technology GSM module with multi sensor components, also have remote sound pickup function, can be installed in home, companies, shops and warehouse, this product compact size, voice clear, long standby time, simple operation, stable performance, without install, remote control etc.

It will call you when the door is opened/closed.


* Low illumination, high resolution video and photo recording/taking
* High speed recording and quick light response
* Video Resolution: 1280*720 / 640*480 / 352*288 selectable
* Photo Resolution: 1280*720
* Motion detection auto recording
* Voice recording function
* Web camera for online video chat
* Flexible use as a removable disk
* Built-in flash memory, 4GB or 8GB
* Support AVI video format
* Real time display
* Built-in Li rechargeable battery
* Easy operation with LED indicator

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