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 Products ->  Pen Camera -> Gold DVR Camera Pen 640*480 30fps (PTI-PC002)
Gold DVR Camera Pen 640*480 30fps (PTI-PC002)
 Name£ºGold DVR Camera Pen 640*480 30fps


Gold DVR Pen Camera contains a micro sized video camcorder with 4GB of memory.
Sitting in your shirt pocket, standing in the pen cup or lying on the desk, no-one will ever notice as you secretly capture their every move. The built in flash stores the video until it is ready to be downloaded to a computer via USB, and with 4GB of memory you can record hours of surveillance or interviews in between trips back to the office. 4GB records up to 12 hours of video.
The color video is encoded on the fly through a buffer system to a AVI video file, and if the battery runs low during a recording session, the pen will ensure it writes the video from the buffer to flash before shutting down. You can also use the device as a flash drive to transport important files around safely. The pen itself is an attractive writing instrument with a gloss black finish on the main body, with easy grip design and chrome detailing.
* Camera Specifications: Color CMOS sensor, White Balance Adjust
* Focus Range: 150mm ~ Infinity
* Internal Flash Memory: 4GB
* Format: AVI
* Frame Rate: 30 FPS
* Resolution: 640x480
* Power Source: Internal Battery
* Battery Life: Approx 100 minutes
* Dimension: 150mm (L) x 16mm (Diameter)
* Ergonomic design - comfortable for every writing usage
* Universal Replaceable Ink Cartridge
* Easy USB Charging/Transfer
* Recharge via computer or wall socket
Package Included:
1* 4GB camera pen
1* USB cable
1* CD
1* User manual
1* Adaptor

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