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 Products ->  Listening Device -> Real Solar Panel GSM Listening Audio Device with Call Back Function (PTI-GT002)
Real Solar Panel GSM Listening Audio Device with Call Back Function (PTI-GT002)
 Name£ºReal Solar Panel GSM Listening Audio Device with Call Back Function


This two way GSM audio device calls you from anywhere in the world when it detects sounds around its vicinity. Simply insert a GSM SIM card and set it to your desired phone number for call back! Now it is mounted a Real Solar Panel on the bottom side of the Housing. It support Non-Stopped working now , perfect design.

  Trying to find out the truth of what you are said behind you? Now you can, from anywhere in the world.
  Just insert a SIM card into the audio device, send a text message contains the activation word, (GDA), by your mobile phone, then your bug is active and take action!
  This two-way audio device comes with a manual switch located next to the SIM card slot. Switching to option (A) only allows you to call the audio device and listen in to the conversations that are being detected. Option (B) allows the audio device to call you when it detects sounds, or if people are talking. This feature is the newest and the most advanced in the market today.
  By far, this is the best world audio gadget, combine with German and Chinese technology, to provide end users with the highest quality product at an affordable price.


Primary Function: GSM Two-Way Audio Device
Materials: Molded Plastic
Color: Black
GSM Frequency Compatibility: Quad band (900MHz/1800MHz or 850MHz/1900MHz)


Onboard Buttons/Slots:
- USB Input
- LED Light
- LED Light Button
- Two Way Switch
- SIM Card Slot
Power: Built In Rechargeable Battery and Solar Panel
Dimensions: L:52 x W:40 x H:15 (mm)

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