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 Products ->  Camera Detector -> Wireless Pinhole Camera Scanners (PTI-DE011)
Wireless Pinhole Camera Scanners (PTI-DE011)
 Name£ºWireless Pinhole Camera Scanners


 Wireless camera detector, hidden cam scanner, the Wireless Camera Scanner which you can use to locate hidden cameras in your house, office or other important building. Within five seconds of work it will scan all specified frequencies. If any hidden video camera is discovered,  it will produce the alarm tune. Earphone port is used for sound output.

With the help of this Portable Camera Detector, you can be always sure that no hidden video cams are concealed and installed secretly near you. But if they are installed, you will discover them very quickly and take them out. There are no hidden cameras which can avoid the destiny of being discovered by it.
This hidden Camera Locator can be used by you for many different purposes. Using this helpful camera finding device, you can scan surrounding area to locate any possibly hidden video cameras. Private investigators can find this device to be quite useful, handy and helpful in their hard work.
This Hidden Camera Detector may be also used for testing equipment by RF engineers and other professionals across the planet. It is easy to use and the results of its work will impress anyone who is using it, no matter for hidden camera location as building owner, private detective or for RF testing purposes as scientist or engineer.


--- Professional wireless 900MHz~2700MHz scanner. 
--- Practical design for portable usage. 
--- World wide compatible. 
--- Audio sub carrier: 5.5MHz, 6.5MHz auto detect. 
--- Build-in Auto/Manual switch scan feature. 
2.5” Color TFT LCD.  
--- PAL, NTSC, CCIR, EIA system auto-select. 
--- Backlight LCM display frequency band and function adjustment. 
--- 32 set programmable of frequency memory. 
--- Power Save mode for long-term usage. 
--- Dual powers supply design. (ALKALINE AA/1.5V/4PCS) 
--- The best equipment for wireless camera scanner 
--- For using at hotel rooms, private bedrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls, churches, temples, restaurants, classrooms, training centers, factories, banks, trains, buses etc.

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