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 Products ->  Camera Detector -> Cell Phone Signal and Bug Detector (PTI-DE009)
Cell Phone Signal and Bug Detector (PTI-DE009)
 Name£ºCell Phone Signal and Bug Detector



This is a black wireless bug detector for both cellphone and hidden camera as well! With great performance and easy operation, this wonderful detecting device can do you a great favor in protecting cheating in the examination or any secret recording activities if necessary!


* Frequency range: 20-6000MHz, GSM800, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, PHS1900, CDMA850,
3G, WiFi, Bluetooth

* Detecting range: Up to 30m

* Detecting sensitivity: < =0.05mw

* Detecting dynamic range: 70dB

* Indicate mode: 9 levels LED luminescence indication/voicing instruction

* Power: 9V laminated battery

* Function: Detecting the wireless signal sent by wireless detectaphone or tracker in objective place, and checking if existing strong electromagnetic in working place or housing.

Instructions for use: 
1) Please detection tear off switch, LED light is lit, which means the normal work of the power of; 

2) This product ten lattice luminescence light up, when the job exhaust lamp keep three to four case, and slow moving around, such as red light flashing, near said there may be suspicious objects; 

3) Red light more shining more full, said from suspicious objects as close to; 

4) In order to confirm suspicious material accurate position, but will exhaust lamp keep to two to three case to reduce detection range, and ultimately agent to suspicious objects. 

5) Note: as this detector power strong, detection smell sensitive, also can detect work of mobile phone, please pay attention to analysis.

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